Building Identity as a Computing Professional
Spring 2021

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Course Description

Some computer scientists learned to program in elementary school, and some earned a Ph.D. in another field before writing their first line of code. Some computer scientists spend their free time reading Hacker News, and some prefer to bake, or hike, or visit museums. Those who did not take a traditional path into computing may struggle to envision themselves as computer scientists. However, computer science is a broad, diverse field. No matter your background, your hobbies, or your working style, computer science has a place for you.

Seminar Topics: This experience is designed for students who have taken a non-traditional path into computing. It will help students to develop their identity as computer scientists. Some of the questions we’ll explore include the following:

Format and Activities: This experience will be highly interactive. You will be expected to come to each session ready to ask questions, participate in discussion, and work on interactive exercises. There will not be right answers, so you will be expected to engage and explore. The seminar activities may include the following: